Misplaced Myths #1: Goldilocks & The 3 Bears

Back in the day, I had a blog called Misplaced Myths.  It contained various myths, legends and tales turned sideways and over-analyzed, sometimes to a comedic extent.  Needless to say, it was fun to write and I decided to bring it back here as a regular feature.  (Re-)Introducing Misplaced Myth Mondays!

Goldilocks: Enabling An Entitled Culture?

We all know the story about Goldilocks.  The little-girl-lost who wandered into the forest and wound up in a strange home, trying everything out till it was juuuust right.  Until she was woken up by the 3 bears who lived there and ran off in fright.

Goldilocks fleeing Bears house

Is there a moral to this story?  The typical version just states what happened and offers nothing else of value.  So, what is this story telling the kids who hear it?  The way it’s set up, with Goldilocks as the protagonist, the message is that it’s OK to wander into someone’s home and give their stuff a good test run.  Never mind if it gets broken, or eaten up, because you won’t be the one stuck replacing it.

And, am I the only one who felt bad for Baby Bear?  After all, it was Baby’s chair broken and porridge all eaten up.  The poor little thing got the worst of the experience.  Goldilocks didn’t even stick around to apologize and make amends.  She totally dipped when Consequence Time came ’round and should be ashamed of herself. Tsk, tsk.

We could go even further and make the claim that this is a tale of modern encroachment on nature.  After all, a human did wander into the woods and damage the place without remorse.  It happens often enough in real life.

The signs point to enabling an entitled culture with no sense of responsibility.  I suppose that would give the story an anti-moral?

Got a myth you wanna see misplaced?  Gimme a holler!




Pulling Out The Welcome Mat

Come on over, sit down, take your shoes off…

Well, I finally did it, y’all.  I got my website put together.  At this point, it’s still in the organizing stages.  As time goes on, I’ll likely change up the theme and what-not till it’s in proper shape.

Stay in touch.  I’ll be populating this page, and getting my content schedule and social media in place, so things could start getting interesting 😉

log cabin porch in rain
(Photo by Eric Yuen, courtesy of Freerange Stock)