A New Series on Ancient Medicine? Yes, Please!

I always find such good things in my email.  Homesteading tips, copywriting tips, updates on causes I follow, and so on.  Today, I got a heads up about a new documentary series from the creator of Sacred Science.

If you’re not familiar with Sacred Science, it was a documentary that came out several years ago.  It tracked 8 individuals with various ailments into the Amazon rainforest to see if Native medicine could do what modern medicine failed to do.

I enjoyed it very much and wound up buying the DVD and the cookbook (which features ancient and/or indigenous recipes from around the world).

Remedy, the new series, offers 9 episodes on various diseases and the herbs that can heal them.  A 10th bonus episode on reproductive, hormone and sex-related issues.  Each include interviews with experts on herbs, naturopathy, research, science, and integrative medicine to give you the real deal info.

The above link goes to a registration page, is not an affiliate link, and offers detailed info on each installment.  You would have to sign up to get the videos.  From Sept 5th to the 13th, a daily video will be sent via email and will only be available for 24 hours.  But if this series is as good as his first, it’ll be worth it.

If it’s the kind of thing you’re into, definitely check it out!

There’s an Herbal Medicine Workshop Tomorrow!!

And a bit of awesome music for right now…

I found this in my email this morning and had to share it.

There’s a workshop on herbal medicine starting tomorrow, provided by Marjory Wildcraft.  I’ve run across her name before.  She does a lot of workshops and speaking engagements on herbs, natural medicine and what-not.

This workshop is a 4-video series that runs for just a few days.  So, if you’re interested in something like this, definitely register!  Heads up, I think the link may be an affiliate link for Melissa K. Norris, whom I follow and who sent the email I received.

For some reason, I now can’t get this awesome song from one of my favorite bands, Rising Appalachia, out of my head.  So, I’m sharing that now too. 🙂


Honoring Appalachia’s Granny Tradition

Even in Appalachia, the term ‘Granny Women’ is one most folks don’t hear (or use) anymore.  It’s become obscured by the hectic pace of modern culture, and hidden under the overgrowth of history.  Its practicality has devolved into superstition.  Its relevance, now considered obsolete.  Luckily, the phrase, and the knowledge that comes with it, is making a comeback.

The Granny Women were the ones who answered the call for healing in their communities.  Doctors were not always available, and many preferred their local healers anyway.  They knew the herbs their mountain provided and where to find them.  They knew what ailments the plants treated, how to extract the medicine from them, and which formulations worked best.  Their midwifery skills saved the lives of countless babies and mothers.

They were known for having extraordinary gifts, from “blowing away” pain to forecasting the future.  They were revered for their dedication to their communities and their accuracy in practicing their craft.  They did not charge for their services, giving unselfishly of their time and energy.  However, grateful families often gifted them things, such as food and handmade goods.

Fortunately, this crucial skillset survived the decades that attempted to leave it forgotten on the shelf of history.  In fact, it is being rediscovered and even gaining credibility through science.  We now know how willow bark helps with pain.  We know about the synergy of plants and that it makes a better medicine than isolating just one plant compound.  It is not snake oil selling.  It is tradition in action.

wild apocathary
(a wild apothecary I envy,  photo from Joan on Flikr)

Now, don’t let the Granny reference fool you.  The gift does not discriminate whom is worthy of wielding it.  Young and old, male and female…doesn’t matter.  Often, it travels through families.  Sometimes, it’s taught by another healer.  One thread runs through them all: Faith, and a lot of it.  God speaks and works through them, and they don’t question it.

While they traditionally identify as Christian, often referencing God/Jesus and using bible verses, their work could easily be called witchcraft by suspicious, jealous, or self-righteous folks.  Their magic consists of ancient knowledge passed down from their Scots-Irish ancestors and the Natives they encountered, and they make practical use of it.  They know there is nothing evil or wrong with what they do.  They have a gift and are simply answering the call to use it.

Are you familiar with the term “Granny Magic”?  Do you, or someone you know, practice it?

It’s Essential Deal

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